Predictions for the Fashion World!

Hello palpiteiras on duty, all right? We know what are the fashion trends this year. This week I received a super cool infographic and decided to share with you, it’s anchored the main stakes of the fashion world, assembled with a thorough search for the various fashion weeks that happens every year in several countries with the collection of big brands. Is high fashion!

For those who do not know, we are a global e-commerce brings together the best national and international brands and boutiques all in one place, great for us women of the 21st century that we have to unfold to do 1000 things with our 24 hours a day.

Among several trends of the studies, always has those babes right: and personal have pieces that I would say are key parts containing the infographic and I have, I love and always use, the bag’s bag fashion, and fits all we need for the rush of day, and the Gladiators sandals? I’ve done a post about them here and that to me is a real love affair, goes with everything, depending on the model as well as raise the look modern and sensual brings an air.