Reunion: Destiny Children Are back! New Single in January

There are not many girl bands that make me really happy. Nowadays the only LCMDF basically creates (if one can speak here at all of girl band, but at least the new sound of the Finnish duo holds this wonderful aesthetic of the late 90s). As it was said that the spice itself would reunite girls for a brief moment, I got do it with heart palpitations. If TLC would make music together, it would be a heart attack. It would not be simply better. Equal second destiny comes to me but child.

Therefore, yesterday was one of the happiest days of the previous year. Breaking news: reunion after eight long years. Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams put an album out even this month. “Love songs”.

On the LP “love songs” we be “mainly romantic jewels” find again, sometime between 97 and was recorded in 2004, but still is a new track: “nuclear”, produced by none other than pharell. Instead of being sad if the sparse new releases, we should wait maybe once on the 29 January, since the whole thing appears saying. And finally allowed the Queens a bit settling time. If all goes well, soon, perhaps a really new album – and then I get a heart attack perhaps really.

Tracklist „ love song “:

1) Cater 2 U (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)
2) Killing Time (1998 – Destiny’s Child)
3) Second Nature (1998 – Destiny’s Child)
4) Heaven (2002 – Simply Deep)
5) Now That She’s Gone (1999 – The Writing’s On The Wall)
6) Brown Eyes (2001 – Survivor)
7) If (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)
8) Emotion (2001 – Survivor)
9) If You Leave (featuring Next) (1999 – The Writing’s On The Wall)
10) T­-Shirt ( 2004 – destiny fulfilled)
11) temptation (1999 – the writing’s on the wall)
12) say my name (Timbaland remix) (2002 – this is the remix)
13) love (2004 – destiny fulfilled)
14) nuclear (2013 – destiny ’ s child – love songs

If again concerts are – I’m my shirt for this.