Right Choice of Bra

A bra, it cannot be bought in two minutes. He must take his time, try a lot, check if one of the pub we will… Some women I care see their lingerie as a must-see interest-free (must be for it to maintain and that’s not too bad) or as an object of seduction for intimacy (transparency and lace, games they love).

We forget “silhouette beautifying” of the below function: they galbent, remodel, sculpt, put in value… even when we’re dressed.

It is the passion of Laetitia Schlumberger, the creator of madman, magnetic lingerie I was telling you about: “well chosen, the below make miracles! Change a silhouette!”

Training corset, the very bubbly Laetitia has an eye for drawing a below and locate battery the model that need us. Besides, she advises as her clients by taking them for a ride in the lingerie Department.

Failing to get a personal consultation, she gave me tips “Bra” that can affect everyone.

What should you pay attention when you’re trying a sports bra from Janesportsbras?

As to panties, to the traces! A detail that is often forgotten: the rolls in the back. A bra that marks the back, it’s not James. A bra that is too tight will create a fold under the arm. Fro…

Then look at the bonnet: the chest must be well nested but not imprisoned, held but not hardcover, crushed or too distorted. Stay sexy, to feel her move. And not having a flabby or soft cleavage in a bra that is too rigid.

What is the top of the maintenance?

Look at the material and shape of the bonnet. If there are several overlapping and cross-subjects, it’s good. If the CAP has cut-outs, it is good also.

Check if it doesn’t itch! If there are shells, be sure that they are well shaping and don’t “take off” too many chest. Otherwise, you can always tighten the back and straps, but you may have some unsightly marks.

When you have a big chest, should we refrain models?

Large breasts is not necessarily huge but rather heavy. It is pretty and sensual, feels a little “nurturer” and it is reassuring but we must take great care while wearing a bra that does not crush. Rack models are not very graceful for such a chest. Better the veiling/unveiling that expose it.

Tip for small back and busty women who do not find their size (it’s hard to find an E or F Cup with a round back in 85 or 90): makeadjustments to strengthen the back and straps. Happiness guaranteed and CAP to your cleavage!

The ideal model for generous breasts, Wolford, summer 2011 collection

We have the right to without bra when you have boobs ?

Yes, because it’s less embarrassing! That doesn’t mean that you still have to take care.

We got everything but should not it hurt, deformed, scratches or is not pretty.

Each shape of breasts has her bra?

Not necessarily. Also depends on the stature and the head port. And the way you hold your back.

To sum up, I would say that the triangle is very gracious to small breasts and the frames are better for rounds. For breasts very very strong, it comes down to something very suitable which takes well back, a cap with several cuts that leaves the possibility of settling breast.

How long can we keep a bra?

Everything depends on the quality. The foam and materials wear more or less quickly. As soon as you feel that you are more maintained, forget!

What is the worst bad taste?

Show too! It is better to see a piece of tit lace!

And don’t forget that you don’t wear the same lingerie under a sweater or a summer dress. If you have a tube top, avoid the embroideries that are and the shells that cut the breast in half!

Continued in next post: good panties!

And you, how do you choose your lingerie? Do you have your favorite brand?