Romantic Dinner Dress

By a pleasant summer evening, nothing more fun than getting nice for going out to dinner with her man.

Romantic Dinner Dress

It is therefore typically an evening look that I post here: dress, high heels and a little more provided than usual jewelry.

This look brings me to share with you 2 points which may be of interest to you, either on the overall balance of the outfit, the other on the color.

An elegant dress

This may seem simplistic and yet it is super important because all forms of communication by the image (art, pub, mode…) take account of this balance.

Having this tip in mind can make a big difference. For example:

  • Look here, the dress and the bag have a structure of square so type male.
  • On the other hand, high heels, shoes open, (formed of small round pendants) earrings, bracelets and the detail of the eyelets of the dress are the symbolism of the round and so, femininity.

If I had chosen shoes borrowed from the masculine Wardrobe (Brogues, loafers, moccasins…) and worn a watch, for example, the look would be lack of femininity and glamour for evening wear.

A white dress

Yes Yes… Color affects our subconscious at different levels and sends messages when wearing floral summer dresses. Each color has a positive language, but if we abuse one of them, his language becomes so negative!

What we say white? There is purity, innocence and as source of inspiration! However, if you overdo it, he felt the emptiness and absence… transparency…

OK, so the range of the White Lady we forget! Unless you want to scare motorists into a turn on a mountainside in the middle of the night mouhahahahah (I am the only one laughing? ok I get out…).

So remember: If you do not want to seem hollow, bland and boring during an intimate appointment or during a presentation to perform in front of an audience, avoid white total look !  Add color accessories or touches of black as here. Find looks of a woman with a little white summer dress, but also a white winter dress.

What do you? Better try to be inspiring than to risk being boring  not?

Photos by P.GANGA