Roxy Luggage Review

Who says holiday, said obviously travel and said accordingly suitcase, the best suitcase that is for a perfect holiday. Great reputation and the quality of the Roxy travel bags you have charmed? You are neither the first nor the last to be proud. And you have indeed right!

Why choose a Roxy luggage?

The brand designs its items of luggage for all types of travellers: man, woman, child, hikers or seasoned traveller who trace their route in several continents.

If you are looking for a travel companion who will help you to facilitate your travel, Roxy luggage range will give you satisfaction.

The suitcases or luggage Roxy measured by Internetdict are products of superior quality with a design and features are optimal. Each of the mod meets them special needs: lightness, size, convenience, etc.

And to know THE Roxy suitcase that will make you happy, certain criteria must be taken into account before you buy.

The best selection criteria

Man or woman, for a perfect trip, you still need a Roxy suitcase which allows you to move easily, where you can put all your belongings during your trip: clothes, shoes, cameras, computers.

Depending on each person and the purpose of his trip, the best suitcase can easily change.

The resistance of the model

Invest in a good case involves investingin a resistant suitcase. Your suitcase should be able to follow you in many journeys. A suitcase any season is ideal since it will be weather-proof.

Also remember to choose your Roxy suitcase taking into account the material used for its manufacture. Designed from the ABS and polycarbonate suitcases are recommended for their high resistance to the inevitable shocks during travel.

If you opt for a soft bag, ballistic nylon is also not easily give way to tears. The locking system is also to check.

A padlock or code Roxy cabin luggage will give more security to your business than a suitcase to zipper.

The type of the suitcase

The type of suitcase is very often neglected, which brings a very limited use of his suitcase, and as a result the dissatisfaction.

To find out what type of bag need you, flexible or rigid, it is first important to know what is the style of travel that used you. For the weekend trip during which you travel by bus, you then have a small soft bag.

It has the advantage of being lighter than the rigid suitcases so you can move it without getting too tired. A rigid suitcase is especially recommended for long stay travel where you have to bring as much as possible.

It is also appreciated for being a great background for cabin and a great luggage for the hold.

It protects your business from any shocks.

The ease of movement

Travel you always are full of surprises. When you opt for a rigid suitcase Roxy is full most of the time and so heavy, prefer a Roxy suitcase on wheels.

You will see that they will make the life easier. The wheels are many, they are functional.

Rigid suitcases Roxy top of the range models offer 4 multidirectional wheels that maneuver very easily.

To backpacks or soft luggage, make sure that they have adjustable straps and handles padded for the greater good of your hands and your back.

The best models tested

Our buying guide lets you easily choose the ROXY suitcase model that suits you. Travel bags and suitcases that we offer have been selected for their quality and affordable price.

You can find them on Amazon online store.

Roxy bag

So do a large Roxy suitcase whose lightness is surprising. It weighs only 3.1 kg with dimensions of 34,5 x 24 x 71 cm.

It is perfect for a hike with friends or to camp a family weekend.

It has two handles soft for a very comfortable port, a stronger grip as well as of a telescopic rod with push button.

To always keep within reach of hand phone, book or bottle of water, she also has a zippered pocket on the front.

Distance Apart Maleta Roxy bag

This Roxy suitcase on wheels is the bag of choice for women. Aztec pattern makes it particularly trend.

In addition, she moves with ease, simply roll it on its wheels extremely strong.

Its spacious interior assure you a great place to be able to carry all your Essentials.

It is also a cheap Roxy suitcase that will give you complete satisfaction through its lightness.

Large travel bag Roxy

Sunny days coming up and you are looking for the best suitcase to accompany you to the beach?

However, you also want to use it when traveling for work? This can be done perfectly with this suitcase bag travel Roxy.

It adapts to all occasions, all seasons and all modes of transport. The Roxy suitcase weighs 3.05 kg for dimensions of 34 x 71 x 32 cm (W x H x D).

We love it for its black color mat and who clean up simple soaped cloth. It can be worn both with its straps, with its flexible straps with two wheels and retractable handle, it is you who choose.

Rolle Up Roxy

Travel in full color with the Roxy Rolle Up. It is a Roxy suitcase on wheels that is all the rage with young people seeking adventure.

Its ability to accommodate so much at a time makes it surprising since the suitcase weighs 2.3 kg only.

Whether by rolling or with the straps, the move is almost effortless.

And this, even being full. Your computer will be safe thanks to the special Pocket escape. As for your clothes, 2 compartments zipped with straps of maintenance will take care.

In The Clouds Roxy

You will feel like in the clouds with this Roxy In The Clouds.

The model is sublime with its multicolored patterns. Two wheels and a pull-up bar make this handy Roxy cabin trolley suitcase.

It can also be worn by one of its two handles padded on the side.

The suitcase weighs 3.5 kg for a capacity of 76 litres. Its double-sided closure is provided with lock, which will ensure the security of your business.

Roxy wheeled travel bag

The holiday is fast approaching and you still don’t have your suitcase? Roxy is proud to offer you this Roxy suitcase wheels with ground coconut and the colors of the beach.

The Roxy cabin luggage can be carried on the back by hand.

Just tired or just want to take it easy without to rise? Roll it with its two wheels and a telescopic rod with push button.

A zippered pocket on the front will be used to keep your magazine or your water bottle at hand.