Samsung Gear S2 Watch Bands

Due to its round design, Samsung’s new Gear S2 watch is not only quite different from previous models already on the market by the manufacturer, but for the first time the gadget is also compatible with most Android smartphones Currently available.

Samsung has been experimenting for two years already with intelligent watches and had presented 18 months earlier than Apple its first offshoot in this new category of products. Yet it is only now that the Korean company seems to have found the correct form factor with the Gear S2, presented last night at IFA Berlin.

With its round shape, the Gear S2 nods to the intelligent watches of LG, Huawei and Motorola, while adding some astonishing and interesting new features. For example, it is possible to rotate the ring surrounding the display dial to control the interface and navigate through the apps. At first glance, this is a nice alternative to the lateral rotary knob of competing models.

Another innovation: Samsung makes for the first time also the Gear S2 compatible with the smartphones of other manufacturers. Anyone with an Android 4.4 (or higher) mobile phone with a minimum working memory of 1.56 GB will be able to use this watch. And the Koreans pride themselves on the fact that the battery of the S2 certainly offers autonomy of two days or even three at best. If true, this would represent a serious improvement over other intelligent watches such as the Apple Watch, which must be recharged every day.

Note: this watch does not run on Android Wear, like most other existing models, but on Tizen (the operating system developed by Samsung and Intel, which should make Koreans somewhat less dependent on Google). In itself, this obviously does not pose any problem, but the fact is that for Android Wear, there are already several thousand apps available today, which is not the case for Tizen.

According to Samsung, some 70 partners would currently prepare apps for the S2. At the time of its launch, there should be about fifty available (Yelp, Twitter, Uber, Nike +), but the fact is that in this respect there is still a serious delay on Google and Apple.

The Gear S2 is also compatible with Samsung Pay, the contactless payment system that will be introduced later this year also in Europe (but only via NFC). In addition, the waterproof gadget is, along with the Apple Watch, full of sensors (accelerometer, gyro, heart rate monitor, barometer), and data derived from it, are related to the manufacturer’s S Health platform , Where they are processed.

Initially, two different versions of the watch will be launched on the market. With its black finish and matching leather bracelet, the Gear S2 Classic (399 euros) is perfect for lovers of a more traditional design. As for the Gear S2 ‘sportive’ (349 euros), it targets a public preferring a modern concept, rather minimalist. It comes in two variants: a dark gray model with matching bracelet and a silver model with white bracelet.

The cool watches will also be marketed in CENTRALLEDWATCH.COM during the month of November.