Simple and Perfect Beach: Bathing Suit and Jeans, What More?

Down to the beach and stretch in the hammock as if it there is a tomorrow. That is the daily plan of many of you (lucky!). The summer vacation they are at their best and that plan is the most followers. But when low to the beach there is a question that always appears in my mind,?which noses to wear? I don’t want to seem what onion full of layers, material comfort before everything but at the same time I want to be perfect. Is it impossible? Not at all.

And it is that the full-body swimsuit us can serve as body and combined with shorts jeans feel phenomenal. And see how it is better to explain it, here are some examples that show this statement.

Changing the flip-flops for heels and…

And if the day is complicated and do not have time to change you or roll like, best thing to do is to change footwear: flip-flops to high heels. Do you feel like?

You’re still in time to test this type of sets.