Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

I caress the minimalist dream for some time. As soon as I get off work, I’m having to empty my wardrobe and sort all my possessions to let go of the ones I don’t use. I would like to move the girl who brought two first aid kits and an umbrella on a trip that brings two t-shirts and seven pairs of underwear, and who manages to always seem like a fashion map. A girl can dream…

Until we achieve nirvana dress, here are some small closets inspirations capsules, basic but versatile give you may want to build your and live lighter.

The monochrome sports
I like to wear neutral colors like black, gray and white, because I feel that they get a little older me (forever baby face). What is nice with this wardrobe capsule to sober colors, is that it may take longer before get you on your nerves, for example, the sports clothing rose fuchsia. Do as Josiane and be motivated to exercise with a nice little kit !

The urban festivaliere
When I tired to be Wednesday Addams and dressed almost entirely in various shades of black (‘color’ to the meaning so well explained by Alexandra!), I like to add some punch to my wardrobe in a subtle way. In the form of scratches or jeans, this small collection below has the advantage of being fall -friendly, which is great news if you’re cool like me.

The minimalist traveller
It is said that this mythical creature, remaining silky hair to the windiest recesses of the five continents, has the ability to wear a white dress of 62 different ways and was never hurt at the back despite his background (literal and figurative) life. I had the chance to meet several minimalist travelers and I admire above all, their restraint to lug all their possessions clothing on a trip. Here’s how I imagine the contents of their suitcases:

I probably omitted a few essentials a summer wardrobe, but the excellent ticket of Sara Maude will lead you on good tracks! And you, do you have a summer capsule wardrobe?