Summer’s Swimming Shorts

It’s getting so unbearably hot that one has run up badbrallorna and drag to the beach. And just as the workout clothes are swimming shorts-in all cases, fancy ones-not something you find in a jiffy.

Summer Swimming Shorts

This summer is the short shorts, just like the other shorts courage, so the lower edge of the pants should not stop below the knee, preferably a bit over.
Manolo has picked up some different models of swimming shorts, which can be purchased at

Speedos, Comme des Garcons/Speedo, about 550 kroner, Dover Street Market
You should probably be a really CDG-fan and swimmers at the elite level to carry these with dignity on the beach.

Short shorts, American Apparel, ca 200 SEK This short model is available in a range of colors and is made of 100% nylon. Further proof that American Apparel makes stylish and above all affordable stuff.

Short shorts, Bjorn Borg, 399 SEK This variant is made of 100% polyester and is quite similar to the one above except that it has a more matte finish.

Swimming shorts, Calvin Klein, 499 dollars, A fairly anonymous model with proper length that allows you maybe not exactly stand out on the beach.

Bath towels, Missoni, SEK 650, Vain The best thing you can do is actually betting on a couple of cheap and modest swimming shorts and then match them with a nice towel. For a nice and luxurious towel signal clearer detail awareness than a few screaming swimwear.