Swimwear: Choose Her Swimsuit

The swimsuit

We take the lead and we’re already thinking about the swimsuit that will make us the star of the beach this summer: catcher, sublimate our body, hide our physical flaws and highlight us… One that we will more resemble a mermaid as a whale, who seem to have been created for us. In short, the perfect swimsuit.

The problem is the same each year: find the swimsuit that sublimate you on the beach is a real chore! In the “jungle” of swimsuits, it’s easy to end up with a top too small, low growing, an effect ‘shortened legs’ or ‘extended shoulders,… A single odd can be heavy to carry!

The quest for the perfect swimsuit is so everyone: we dream all of a hypothetical well-cut swimsuit, very trend, that would make us a great silhouette, dream legs and buttocks canon. The quadrature of the circle, in fact!

To help you in this eternal quest, auFeminin.com has prepared a selection of jerseys, according to your morphology. Some are your sizes, your templates, your forms and your silhouettes, you are bound to find your happiness… Here’s a range of swimwear and accessories for strolling in the Sun, on the warm sand or poolside, where the Sun is at the rendezvous. Not afraid to pass the test of the swimsuit!

We also thought to add some practical tips, learn all about the swimsuit adapted to your morphology that would go you this year. Don’t make more odd and other faults of taste!

Whether “two parts” triangle, “a piece” sexy and comfortable, shorty, headband, indented panties… Numerous possibilities to find the perfect swimsuit .

This summer, the appointment is a must with the swimsuits to flashy colors or wise, classic or trendy, together with prints, with Ruffles or with fringes to stand a maximum… Everything is allowed! Operation seduction on the beach this summer has started!

Trend shirts

Stay in trend with shirts of geometric and printed bath, warm and sensual cuts that will make your holiday an unforgettable! Whether for mood sensual, sexy or seductive, you will find the Jersey need you!

Colored jerseys

This summer we pick funny shirts that glisten in the Sun and we put on total originality: dare the swimsuit with fringe, tropical print, or very colorful  !


What’s more lightweight than a bikini that is close to your skin and you turn into a bimbo?
Make your choice: they are the colors of your country, to flying as a James Bond Girl, slightly Puffy, printed, or fringe, some bikinis are essential. Dare “it-bikini”, this summer!

Swimwear one piece

And if you try?

Very female swimwear one-piece are always very in vogue and make the happiness of all women: be they graphic printed, typed “fashion show” or they jump your femininity and your sensuality in front, swimwear one-piece are always in demand!