Swimwear for Winter

In December, it’s cold. This is not a new one. But instead of dwelling on the rotten winter climate, I suggest you warm the atmosphere! After all, lingerie and bikini marks, they also celebrate Christmas. Many offer advent calendars and exclusive collections for the holidays. It shines is colorful and full of lace. In short, it sends the dream!

# 1 Aubade: A winter retro chic

One more site this brand since 23 years creates pieces of lingerie and ultra refined swimwear. Aubade’s reputation is more to do simply because the brand has wear emphasize something very important: making the woman.

This year the brand is strong. It offers us its 2016 calendar with its famous “attractions of Lessons“. These magnificent photos in black and white are hyper sensual but still chic! In addition, for Christmas 2015Aubade returns with a retro collection , straight out of the 20s! Want to go back in time?

# 2 Chantal Thomass: underwear punk rock

Chantal Thomas has accustomed us to collections and slightly shifted topics. Her lingerie pieces are always very original. This year, the fashion designer remains true to its policy. She released a rock collection and festive for Christmas 2015. The style of the pictures is so so British, I love it! Its young and original models can only please you! After all it’s Christmas, you have to let go!

# 3 Lemon Cruve reveal the femme fatale in you

This winter the brand offers the services of Clara Morgane! At the same time, for a Christmas collection Fatal Woman is guaranteed success. The brand has accustomed us sexy and sensual models, and for Christmas Lemon Curve puts the package! The Christmas shop is Lace and finely trimmed underwear. We love the chic provocative their Christmas collection!

# 4 Eight Paris: lingerie Gymnastics

The brand of lingerie and luxury swimwear out a refined but sporty collection for Christmas 2015. The decor unfussy photos from the ad campaign and the provision of gymnastics elements give the dynamism and lots of chic to photos. The hairstyle of the model but is reminiscent of Reese Wihterspoon in “Water for Elephants” . In short, if you want to turn you into acrobat retro Christmas , you know where to choose lingerie!

# 5 Victoria Secret Lingerie puts on a show

Necessarily had to talk about it, Victoria Secret is a must for lingerie and bikini, especially in times of celebration! The brand has offered us a dazzling show for Christmas. All headliners of the time were of course present. There were the usual Victoria Secret models such as the sulphurous Adriana Lima, the sublime Alessandra Ambrosio or the beautiful Jacquelyn Jablonski . But in addition, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were also part! And these are among others Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding who performed the musical show. In short, you will understand, the Victoria’s Secret show was the place to be . For those who have not followed, I propose a small meeting of catching up with images of the most beautiful models proposed . It’s colorful, it’s quirky, almost too much but we love it! What I prefer are their wings, each more beautiful than the other…

# 6 Carla Bikini: Ski holidays in bikini!

Nope! Carla Bikini is not rest, far from it! We also we have put together a colorful and quirky month in December. Why not put on your bikini in winter? After all, cold on the skin is very invigorating! We booked a calendar of the Advent theme, colorful and fun. I let you appreciate the acting skills of our sublime muse Louise Battle:

And if you are not comfortable because you fear to reveal your love handles, do not worry at Carla Bikini one has thought of everything! Whether to lose your excess weight, have a flat stomach, a dream diaper or even a breast firmer and plumper, there are a lot of little tricks that you can use everyday.