T-Shirts For Farewell

The Stag/Hen and other celebrations, must be accompanied with the corresponding outfit. These parties are not the same without it being in the souvenir clothing and clothes that were made for its subsequent memory. In Garment Printing, among other services for various events, we also carry out t-shirts for farewell in Bachelor or bachelorette.

It is necessary to comment that we do not only printed t-shirts for stag parties, but also for stag-weekend course, t-shirts to limit travel, and any type of shirt to be associated with an event and which have to be stamping it with a specific design. We are experts in customizing of garments and work with different processes, depending on which are the real needs of our customers: screen printing, embroidery, vinyl and digital prints.

There are many variants that can influence and affect in choosing a process or another when making a print run of t-shirts for farewell or any other activity. If you prefer are many t-shirts because it’s a school or sports event, then the proper process to make the stamping is the screen. If on the other hand, you want less shirts, and stamping texture is smoother and as a sticker well attached to the garment, then has to be done through the vinyl cutter if it is a single color, or vinyl plotting without are various colors.

Screen printing makes the drawing printed on shirt long lasting, while if the printing process was another, perhaps shirt can take fewer. The vinyl cutter is an adhesive composed of PVC which is not only used on clothing, but it is also quite used in labeling of showcases, signage or even in interior decoration. It is always used in the numbers of sports shirts.

In the case of the farewell shirts, screen printing is a very good method to carry out if they are to make many. And if the pattern wanting to be used is a detailed image or a photograph, will be much better technical digital printing, which is made by machines that transmit the printing details to perfection.

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