T-Shirts with The Message: a Pledge to Consider

Increasingly accepted more trends to be able to choose which better going with our way of being, or with our personality depending on the day. And that is why today we present a really cool (and easy): t-shirts in cotton with messages subliminal. In basic white or grey colours and different meanings. Simple, entertaining and, at times, original. So are all the models that are presented for dress up your simple summer days. Do you accept the deal?

  • T-shirt with back message of Bershka, 9,99 EUR.
  • White t-shirt with black letters of Zara TRF, 9,95 EUR.
  • T-shirt in green mint of Bershka, 5.99 EUR.
  • T-shirt with message in black square of ASOs, 19,72 euros.
  • Grey shirt of Topshop, 90 euros.

Photos | Camille over the rainbow

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