The Best Looks From Pregnancy Of Blake Lively

Whatever the time of year, Blake Lively is at the top. In summer, in winter, all the time. Even when she’s 8 months pregnant, she manages to make stylish her little belly. And in two pregnancies, we have witnessed a real parade of outfits hyper guns and very trends.
Since the month of April, it’s official, Blake Lively is pregnant again. The pretty blonde and her actor husband Ryan Reynolds are ready for a second child. She had already given birth in December 2014 to a little girl named James.

And this new pregnancy is the opportunity to observe the pregnancy of Blake Lively looks. In his usual, the actress remains stylish in all circumstances.

Always perched on shoes with heels, she wears dresses trends and knows how to put in value its forms.

The pregnancy of Blake Lively looks: in the city

The fact that she is pregnant will not change Blake Lively. Very sexy, always chic and stylish, it fully assumes its new forms.

If she hides her baby bump in wide ponchos or long jackets, it clearly shows her pretty legs muscular in little short dresses .

Side printed, Blake snausages. Flowers, stripes, geometric, or ethnic grounds the actress combines clothing for a look mix’ doesn’t match which suits him. We copy, being careful not to fall in disguise.

And the shoes are no exception to the rule: Blake does not leave her heeled shoes. Shoes, boots or boots with square heels, she is totally to wear high heels even while pregnant.

The pregnancy of Blake Lively looks: on red carpet


Full promo of his film ‘The Shadow’, Blake Lively followed appearances. And this isn’t because she’s pregnant she will change her habits.

To dazzle on the red carpet, Blake slips in Princess dresses. At the last Cannes film festival, it also was compared to the Princess Cinderella, in a big white dress with Ruffles.

Thanks to his sense of style, she loves playing with the codes of fashion. She appears in Slinky dresses, nicely pointing out her baby bump and muscular curves.

Vaporous dresses, suits pants or short skirt, the former interpreter of Serena Van Der Woodsen forsakes not his dressing room for comfortable outfits.

In his usual, Blake is not afraid of color. Electric blue (a very present colours in his dressing room), flashy yellow, pink, beige or pastel, we love her see in pretty colorful dresses.

In true influenceuse fashion, she knows how to dress and how to accessorize any of her looks. Always the right hairstyle, the good it – bag, or the good detail that makes all the style.

Whatever it is, we love the looks of Blake Lively and we totally inspired by her outfits (that are either pregnant, or not)!