The Colors of This Spring 2014: an in That Battle All Win

If we take a look at the trends of the season, the colors that are most are very important to define how to dress us fashion this spring. The good news is that you don’t have to choose: all trend colours like us and we can take them one day or another. These are the favorite colors of this spring 2014:

Lady in blue

The blue is the star of the spring 2014. It is in all its shades, from the darkest to the lightest. My blue bag I bought last year is going to be my favorite companion all summer.

It is a color which is nice in floral prints, It is very seaworthy combined with white, finally, that serves for all.

Navy Blue or dark blue You can replace the black perfectly as the header color. And the night is spectacular.

To cheer him up, we can add Golden accessories.

The pastel shades

The pastel shades They have been up to in the winter, that everything is said passing, not I stick much. But it is that now the good weather even more are used. Combined together, or contrast with white and black, in snap-ins… tones sweeter ravage.

The Favorites are Pink and blue baby, that it still being imposed in outerwear.

The Green aquamarine triumphs in dresses, mostly in red carpet, and for whom does not attend them, in dresses for weddings and ceremonies.

Ladies white against black

The black and white together or separately, they will be present in all our spring and summer. Adds layer upon layer of both colours still making cold to go putting yourself in the new season.

The romantics white dresses they need some black if you want them to not be too naive.

Although I like most black and white is optically striking combinations, with stripes, geometric forms, which make clear the contrast between the two colors.