The Evolution Of The Style Of Céline Dion

Celine, we idolize him, we love him, we love it. Exceptional singer and great diva, she is now considered a real fashionista. However, this was not always the case. Question mode, the Quebec singer is from far away. From the 1980s to the present, back on the mode of Céline Dion style.

In recent weeks, Céline Dion looks like a true fashionista. If the singer has always boasted of love fashion, she did not always address looks very trends. Since its inception, the singer had many different styles. But as anicon of the song, she has struggled to acquire the role of fashion icon.

Céline Dion is now a true it girl and soon a fashion influenceuse. To see its last #ootd, we understand that there is something that has changed! The opportunity to revisit its development mode.

Céline Dion style: debut

At the very beginning of his career, the young Céline Dion was rather shy. Fashion, she cultivates a discreet and simple look.

Raw denim, black pants, shirt, or polo, Céline wants to fit in with the crowd. But this period will not last very long.

Céline Dion style: its evolution

Suddenly, the singer is propel on the front of the stage. To appear on the red carpet, Céline dares all. And often no matter what. It’s time the bling and excessive cleavage. The Quebec is afraid of nothing and clearly shows his style.

Between bootcut jean, dress to indecent cuts, eye masks and coat effect ‘bag of potatoes’, Céline falls into the side too bling fashion.

Céline Dion style: her current looks

His new style, she owes it to her new stylist: Law Roach.

Total look Gucci, sweat clothes and minimalist looks, Céline Dion all wearing the latest fashion trends. We love her sophisticated outfits that we’d like to copy.