The Look Right: about Sweatshirt

We talked in a recent article on combinations using sweaters sweatshirt, in this example of the week we go a little beyond, showing that it is possible to combine the two pieces of the same fabric in the same look and still create something elegant!

The Look Right about Sweatshirt

Why does it work?

Working with neutral colors and pieces with a good cut is a good beginning, even when talking about the sweatshirt. The blazer is a piece easy to find currently, stores such as Zara and Renner has (or had at the beginning of the winter) something very similar the sale, the blouse merges is the same case, combining them seems kind of obvious, but I’ll bet a lot of people had not thought of that yet, especially with a shirt social white underneath. The pants dry cutting is the most accurate possible in this case and the shoe is on account of creativity, but to move that a slip on style Vans, a boot heavy and a monk strap look great, but each has a completely different style, the choice is yours!

Try this…

A sweater V-neck with a tie, it gives a more professional and aligned. Also, it is worth inserting a few points of color in a red scarf in the pocket, a tie, wine or a scarf whose color is between the orange and the brown.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the blazer sweatshirt for a fleece, the combo would still correct, but less relaxed and young. The shirt is also essential, put a t-shirt in its place would take away much of the charm of the look.

In short:

  • Until a fabric-casual as a sweatshirt can generate parts and combinations, elegant;
  • Overlap merges with merges is different and cool;
  • Change the shoes to change the style of the look;
  • Add points of color to draw attention and give life to the visual;
  • V-neck with tie to look more professional;
  • Wool is the most noble that sweatshirt, but put a blazer of wool would leave everything well-behaved too.

Tips complementary:

For chubby – careful with parts very fair, use something right in the body, but stay comfortable.

For shorties – decrease the contrast between the pants and the blazer, preferably darker colors on top, in addition place the shirt inside so it will not cut the silhouette at the waist.

For altões – the more contrast the better, but still not sure to put something to draw attention to the top as a scarf or tie with a strong color, for example.