The Look Right: Option of Clothes to Work in Summer

If your company does not require the costume social, or at least you have Friday casual, when you can leave your suit aside and wear something less serious, the combination of the summer with pants, shirt and running shoes may seem simple, but will leave it with an air of respectable, even though relaxed, just use the right elements in the right way, as in the example above.


The Look Right Option of Clothes to Work in Summer

Because it works well

The shirt in checkered vichy is one of the major symbols of this summer, do not get tired to repeat, in addition to give lightness to the look, leaves out the traditional white shirt, the pants in twill is neutral but has cut sequinho and modern, the shoes casual in black suede also house with the combo, and lends playfulness to a result, the belt in leather is always a great tailpiece and the color you choose goes very well with the color of the pants and the shirt.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the pants for jeans, exaggerating the casual, or the shirt had a chess greater, for the same reason.

Try this…

Swap the sneakers for a shoe in the same material, but perhaps a brown also is leading effect. The shirt could be long sleeve, in fact I think even better within the proposal of something casual but well-behaved, the heat is not a problem, if it is very hot, fold the sleeve above the elbow, is even more cool.

In short

  • – Chess vichy is versatile and goes well on the desktop since it would allow the casual;
  • – With a pair of pants in twill beige or camel, not to err;
  • – Walking shoes in suede make the style preppy relax;
  • – Waist belt in brown leather closes with mastery;
  • – Give preference to shirt-sleeve-long, if you heat up too much, fold it;
  • – Shoe in suede is also an option of footwear;
  • – The larger the plaid, the more casual.


Some companies have a dress code even for the Friday casual, enquire before you show up using a look more bold.