The Moschino Collection Fun!

If you have a brand that’s always irreverent every parade, no doubt is Moschino, and his collection Resort 2016 could not be marked without the boldness and creativity again, Jeremy Scott is the creative director of the brand and has the free will to create whatever you want. Anyone out there can you imagine what it must be like to be him? I swear I wanted to if only for a few hours be it to make unique creations and also incredible. And best of all the Moschino collections: creating collections in which many celebrities will use and we women from the real world to love and wish!!!

Sale, credit card, shopping bag and even tags, have taken over the new collection doing once again we wonder, fall in love and even some good laughs in the world of fashion. The guy is top-notch at what you do and each time he launches a new collection of one form or another ends up causing a certain impact on the world of fashion. Who would have thought that these types of ideas could work and make the greatest success? Well, Jeremy imagined, put in the paper, tissue and did in fact the collection pumping.

Mid-June was presented to Moschino Resort 2016 Collection, known as the newest funny Collection, which plunged into the world of sales, stamping various labels, credit cards, store bags and receipts of purchase. A mistake to think that j. Scott did the collection, it was created in order to stick a PIN in the women who mercantilizam, i.e. packing with quality products, forgetting their own qualities as human beings. Nothing better than to apply this critique in a parade of luxury, in the birthplace of Italian fashion. Really a slap in the face of society.