The Return Of The 2000s Fashion

Glory to the bimbo, triumph of the streetwear, advent of bling bling: 2000s fashion made his big comeback. To stick to the trend, we adopted the crop top, hooded sweatshirt and the Nike TN. Decryption of this fashion revival.

The 2000s, they remind us of our years school punctuated by the sound of Destiny’s Child, Amy and Jean-Edouard rubbing in the pool of the loft, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie vadrouillant through the us in “The Simple Life”, the “Hit Machine” by Charlie and Lulu, the arrival of MSN, AOL and the Nokia 3310.

Fashion, this is the era of the first bimbos with, at the top of the list: Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey…

It is also the Decade of too much illustrated by the bling bling U.S. rappers and the chic porn wave led by the fashion editor, Carine Roitfeld and le designer Tom Ford.

A mix that is illustrated by the race to the logos with Umbro sweaters or the Guess trikinis, tatooing maxi-decolletes Tracksuits them the micro-blousons, crop tops, waders, the Nike TN, miniskirts and tight Juicy Couture…

In short a time provocative. It appears this paraphernalia with ten trends inspired by the early 2000s back on the catwalks of the fashion shows.

The mode of the 200 years back: contents and materials

  • Denim

2000s, denim is everywhere in version pants, skirt, dress, jacket, overalls, handbag and shoes trends. Among the wildest looks, it retains a: that of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the “American Music Awards” in 2001.

Hand in hand, they tread the red carpet: she wears a long strapless dress, him a suit all in denim.

This fall, we mix the pieces together Texan Cowgirl way: a boy-friend, a bleached shirt and a bomber gross or so a mom jean all in patchwork.

Side podium, at Miu Miu the trend is denim jacket associated with the skirt, and at Stella McCartney, the ultra-sexy dress jacket and faded.

  • Logos

2000s, we all have a room at big logo hanging in our closet: a top RFP, a Gucci bob, a t-shirt Guess, Kappa, a Champion sweatshirt, a Calvin Klein Jerseytennis…

The must? Assemble them all way Missy Elliott who had accumulated the brands and never went out without his tracksuit Adidas three stripes, his Kangol CAP and his gold chains.

This fall, such as Fila, Ellesse or Kappa streetwear brands make their big comeback with collections resolutely vintage.

On parades, we spotted the sweat Rag & Bone, the Gucci logo printed skirt and the dress trend Coca-Cola on the Golan show. What do a competition styled billboards!

  • Tracksuit it Velvet

2000s, him sweatpants pink Juicy Couture is to pop stars what selfies and smoothies are today the fashion bloggers : a must.

Besides gets pictures of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in the streets of Los Angeles with their pants low ultra-taille and their day-glo pink skinny jackets.

This fall, sweatpants it velvet returned to Lacoste. But no flashy colors, no micro-Manager skin-tight jacket, or a low size for Felipe Oliveira Baptista, artistic Lacoste, who drew a silhouette casual couture with a bomber jacket with high collar and a blue wide leg pants at night.

What make want to highlight his Juicy Couture!

Return of the mode of the 2000s: cuts

  • The microveste

2000s, you’re a fan of all that is mini: skirt, top, jacket… Shorter, more it’s fashion. Worn with a low waist pants, jacket rikiki is a must and comes in jacket, jacket, leather jacket…

This fall, the English designer Caitlin Price zip his white jacket above the navel. Jeremy Scott offers a version disco iridescent, and Topshop, a jacket in a working girl look.

  • The corsetage

2000s, we replace the zipper by sexy lacing! Jeans of Shakira and Christina Aguilera looked straight out of a peep show.

But the boldest lacing award goes to Lil’ Kim who tumbles in corset neckline to navel and maxiplastron in gold on the red carpet of the ” Grammy Awards ” in 2002. More bling, we can’t.

This fall, he settles down. Not that the corsetage became the new Pearl Necklace of the PREPPY, but it is less daring way.

On the Proenza Schoulershow the lacing beautifully adorn a long dress yellow, and on the x Puma by Rihanna Fenty show, they’re mid-sexy, mi-gothiques, and beautify a long black dress in mesh.

  • The cropped top

2000s, the cropped top is the trademark of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears (again it) who wear way provocative on stage and on the red carpet.

But it is also the top fetish of the cheerleaders and Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Surely the sexiest piece of its decade.

This fall, the cropped top is one essential wardrobe, door in a t-shirt, hoodie, sweater or over a top with long sleeves. Show her navel becomes more fashion ever, so it mimics the looks of the Versace show with their sky blue top.

  • The hooded sweatshirt

2000s, it is the must of the rappers: Diam’s, Eve, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott… At the college and high school, one poster in a maxi version that covers the buttocks and over an flared jean. Certainly not very sexy but super comfort.

This fall, said goodbye to informed cuts and has-been jeans. The Hoodie is doing with the hood raised on the head as on the parade of the underground brand clothing that associates it with one bomber and boots waders or a gray suit like on the show of the designer Hock.

  • The miniskirt

2000s, Eva Longoria’s screen with its micro-tenues and miniskirts in ‘ Desperate Housewives ‘.

Victoria Beckham, blonde peroxide with a haircut inspired by the yorkshires, appears bare legs and stilettos on almost all the red carpets!

This fall, aside from the bimbo look to transform the miniskirt in a casual piece. For that, you imitate the parade Courrèges who emphasizes noble materials and has been associated with tops long sleeves of colors for a side charges.

Return of the mode of the 2000s: Accessories

  • Belt string

2000s, we put chains gold around the waist for an assumed bling style. In her video “Love don’t ‘ Cost a Thing ‘, J.Lo wearing one around of her low-rise jeans and you must admit that it makes us a bit envious.

This fall, the chain belt is handed to the taste of the day by Jeremy Scott at Moschino, silver or gold over evening dresses or pants leather.

  • The Nike TN

2000s, she is nicknamed “shark” because of its lighthouse colours in a cameo of blue.

Worn by girls as in boys, it’s the basketball trend of his time with the Air Max.

This fall, we picked up on the parade of Caitlin Price but also at the feet of a whole bunch of bloggers to fashion the fresh and colourful Lazy Kat, and the street and trendy Merystache.

And as in the 2000s, the Nike TN is excluded in his HQ: Foot Locker!