The Right Lingerie for Every Body Type

Do you know what your body type?

It is an important detail for your online purchases are perfect! Receive a merchandise in the comfort of the home it’s great; Know that this piece is best suited for you, is even better.

Here are the tips to choose bra and panties according to body type.


Invest in pants waistband at the hip. Avoid those very thin and with details on the sides. Smaller prints and flat pieces are ideal for your body type. Half Cup Bras are perfect for those with very large breasts.

The body has a few curves, rectangle waist little set, harmony between shoulders and hips. If this is your, search create curves on your silhouette and mark the waist.


Unlike the Hourglass body, panties with spaghetti straps and details on the sides are ideal to create volume at the hip. Lace, bows and ruffles are great examples. The Bras can be push-up, padded, embossed. Increase the volume of breasts and hips is a great idea to create curves.

The glass oval have volume on the hips, waist and breasts. If this is your body type, your goal should be to disguise the more rounded shape of belly and fine tune the waist.


Avoid Bras push-up and those with filling. Panties with many details such as laces, lace and ruffles also do not favor this physical type. All modelers of whole body, especially the high compression will decrease and measures cause an effect more tall in your body.

This is the finest body at the time of the breasts and bigger in the hip region. What to do? Increase the volume of breasts and cover the hip can be the solution to make the more harmonious.


Bras push-up and padded help enlarge her breasts. Abuse of them. Avoid panties with very fine side and many details. Prefer those with wide straps and taller.

If your body is of type inverted triangle, the shoulders and the backs are bigger than the waist and hip. Ideally, in this case, is to seek to harmonise this difference, increased the volume of waist and hip.


Avoid Bras with padding and larger prints. The half-cup bra is a great option. Abuse of the details in the panties. All that raises the volume on the waist and hips is welcome, as well as larger prints and colorful pieces.

In this type of body, shoulders and hips are on the same line. The larger your goal should be to maintain their curvy shapes without increasing the breasts or hips.