The Sexy Bottom By Excellence!

The string

Completely invisible under clothing.
e string allows us to wear tight pants or a white skirt without that nobody is any trace of underwear. Anyway, the string, it is the ideal room to look even more sexy  !

How a slip can be so small? The string is a piece of lingerie made from two parts Assembly. The first, stands in front of and is triangular. The second extends in a thin strip: it is the famous ‘string ‘. Buttocks back to the size where it joins the front clips.

Today, there are strings for all tastes, for all women. Contents also change: lace, cotton… Most of the time, the strings are made in the most beautiful but nonetheless fragile materials. Silk, lace, satin, discover all the secrets for finding of the sexy lingerie and maintain your underwear .

Strings of love

When we talk about seduction it is almost impossible to miss the string! This is the piece of lingerie to have for an evening for two .

You are about to make you put the ring on the finger? The wedding night must be perfect and the lingerie too!
And the party lovers then? Here too we have a ready-made selection for you. To serve you better, we have shoppe and we found!