The Tommy Hilfiger Television Channel

Tommy Hilfiger It is at a bad time, since its sales have fallen considerably. For this reason and in order to promote the brand, Hilfiger has launched its own music channel with the support of Sony BMG.

An innovative advertising proposal that might make you get out of its economic hole, although what I really believe is that these firms have prices too expensive and not everyone can access them. I am not referring to houses of high range such as Gucci or Dior, we already know that they are inaccessible, but Tommy Hilfiger It has more accessible articles that pass price.

In addition, on its website, we can also see concerts as the Michael Jackson, where can be listened to famous songs like Beat it, Smooth criminal, or Will you be there, among others. Promote “new musical talent” through video clips, contests and information varied, from concert dates to unpublished images of performers off stage.

“The fashion firms must reinvent themselves, as did Madonna. We have understood that the most appropriate is to connect Hilfiger with the media, and the heritage of the brand with the music”, said the designer. And I say that in addition to reinvent itself, you have to slightly lower their prices.