Tips for Buying A Dress

Are you an Oktoberfest newbie and you need a few tips on how the perfect dirndl looks like? We have a few rules for every figure and every taste.

In Dirndl you can really only feel comfortable: particularly narrow women with little bust conjures the Dirndl clearly a fuller cleavage . A belly, wide hips and a powerful butt disappear under the softly falling rock and the highly bound apron. So it does not matter whether you are 32 or 48 need size, you will always look feminine and smart.

Find the Right Size

Buyer of Dirndls a little patience is most in demand. The costume should be rather narrow-cut, the bodice must not strangle you, but should be felt and push your breasts ideally. If you have therefore to be maneuvered into the dirndl and shell out again, the fitting may take longer. Try initially different cuts, lengths and sizes to find your style and an optimal model. It is best to take a friend with shopping that will help you assist and also the cords or buttons. If the Dirndl tied on the chest area, they may vary more particularly with the smaller or very large breasts.

The Present Bust Well

The dress sets it important to put your bust size in scene. Basically, everything is allowed, so even very low-cut, but also high-necked blouses. It is important that you feel comfortable and not disguised.

In a small bust a sweetheart neckline, which must be like to sleep is recommended. Also a gathering in the center of the blouse creates visually more volume. Special Dirndl bras also help to make the existing bust appear slightly larger.

What to Look For

When clothes selection can be unmasked by many little things as a tourist. But if you just feel like some of these cheap floral fashion, you can wear anyway this summer dress.

The length of the Dirndls, for example, is an important feature. There are short Dirndl, ending approximately at the mid-thigh, Midi-Dirndl terminating shortly above or just below the knee, either (and in young women currently are especially popular) and long dirndl, which are about calf length. Short Dirndl are very sexy and frowned at genuine citizen of Munich but very often found naturally at the Oktoberfest. One thing is certain: with this length, you will be able to the advances of men hardly resist. but to dance to the beer benches and with carousel they are clearly ill-suited.

Little traditionally are also Carmen blouses, so models that let your shoulders free. Make a perfect fit also that the skirt is attached to the narrowest part of the waist, otherwise you can act broadly. Basically, these three rules of thumb apply: classic is always, cover knees and shoulders, do not use cheap materials. Read all our tips for the Oktoberfest: From Bavarian recipes over hairstyle and styling >>

Color And Material

It is recommended especially cotton. This is later easy to clean and keeps you warm.When beer spills on your silk apron, which is particularly annoying, since it is difficult to clean. Linen can be forgiven after some time.

But The colors are no limits you set: blue, red, green and berry colors never go out of fashion and can therefore be worn for years. The new trends in the Oktoberfest are neon colors, bright tones and striking patterns. Currently there are extravagant Aprons trend that completely consist of either peak or are printed with whole landscapes or collages. White skirts are way brides reserved and waitresses. Often the Dirndl blouse is a bit neglected, they should be very opaque and not have too short sleeves.