Tips for Wearing Earrings

With quasi-magical power and their classic as well as sophisticated, earrings offer a bang to your face and enhance your insurance. Here are some tips for wearing earrings with success.

Wear earrings to enhance your power of seduction

Wearing earrings can change everything. These little nuggets of each side of your face completely change your port head. Wear of earrings, what’s more feminine. To accentuate the shape of your face or to give a glow to the complexion, the power of this gem is endless. There you will value and you will make remarkable… and noticed!

Wear earrings for pierced ears or clipped?

In our time, this question does not even arise: wear earrings on clips, what calvary. In the long run, they are very painful, since they keep constant pressure on your lobes. Add to this that the variety of clips is usually not very rich and very good taste… far short: avoid!

Tips for Wearing Earrings

To wear pierced earrings, you guessed it, ben, but they are pierced. You must use the perforation. The most commonly used is the technique with the gun. No need to go in the medical community, jewelers andAccessories stores now offer piercing of ears. Models destined for the general public are available: disposable guns. However, we recommend all similarly to a professional use. Why? Ben hard hard to be all alone anyway! At the time of drilling, a pinch is felt. Pain at the pro one and minimal, wide selection of earrings available to you!

Note: the healing lasts only 6 to 8 weeks, earrings can be changed, but it is imperative to avoid that hole only to fill, to keep a pair in your lobes. It is recommended to keep them at least 6 months.

To each his style

When we decide to wear earrings that there is good it is there choice. They are available according to forms and infinitely varied materials.

The more or less long movement of this type of earrings allows to brighten up and extend the faces that are a bit Destinée as silhouettes.

The pearls
Wearing earrings is wear creoles. Essential to any jewelry collection of ears, of different sizes, small, medium or large, circular or semi-circular, they help adorn your ear at all times.

Set the earlobes and very discreet patterns, they will dress your ears a small stone or a pearl. The pearl earrings give the quality impression to be simply asked on the ear, without visible fastening. It is very chic and most of the time, they agree with all your clothes. As well as money, gold, diamond, with beads, stones or junk, there for all prices and for all tastes.

Small precaution to take when you’re wearing cheap earrings. Attention, wear earrings in OCD, can easily cause reactions allergic, essentially due to nickel.

Wear Earrings: a few tips

Because they often cause allergies and irritations, some women may wear earrings for pierced ears fantasies. Fortunately, we have a very simple little tip for you. You will finally be able to make you happy.
-First clean your jewelry with the lemon juice. Then, cover the stem that will be in contact with your ear colorless Nail Polish to insulate the skin of nickel. Let dry. Voila… you are all beautiful! Do not hesitate, when the varnish flake off with solvent and repeat the operation.
-In order to avoid infection, you need to clean your earrings with alcohol before and after each exposure.
-You have just removed implants? It’s better to wear earrings in gold. Avoid fake the first time, at the risk that your skin if it does not support nickel, react badly and causes an infection.
-To protect your curls, don’t hesitate to invest in a door earring. There are the cutest shaped hand or dummy. There is necessarily one that suits to your decoration in the type Bazaar shops. The earring door is the solution to keep your curls like new for as long as possible.

Namely, absolutely: A golden rule to not damage your look and your figure: If you wear large earrings, forget the necklace!

What hairstyle show with my new earrings?