Tips to Organise Your Wardrobe

Over the years, I have accumulated far too many clothes. I often said “I will keep this too small jeans.All of a sudden that next year, I would eventually get into it! ». I also kept clothes that don’t fit anymore, just because I didn’t want to get rid of it. Since I moved in with my boyfriend, I don’t know why, but I quietly sorted out and emptied my drawers. And I could better wear me!

If like me, you are tanned to say that you have nothing to put in front of a closet overflowing, here are 4 tips to better help you.
The importance of the basics
A wardrobe should contain at least 50% of good basics. Based on thefreegeography, a sexy dress, jeans that makes like a glove, a classic black pants… Basic good = full of easy kits .

The 3: 1 rule
Super easy. 1 up, to be able to mix and match 3 low. In this way, we avoid to stay with a favorite sweater who not fitted with nothing. If a piece does not respect this rule, bye bye!

Exit the superfluous
No. Do not keep the trop-petite-mais-peut-etre-qu’un-jour-elle-fera dress on the tablet. If you have not worn it in the last year, there are chances that she will not see the light of day any time soon! Exit also holes sweaters and t-shirt of the brand that was ben cool 8 years ago. Less is more!

Reflection of personality
Your style has probably changed over the years. Eliminate that no longer suits you. Looking at my paintings Pinterest, I noticed the looks that I loved were not in my clothes. No. wonder that I never find anything to wear!

I’m currently trying to put all this stuff in application. In a few weeks, I will certainly be the perfect candidate to appear in the #OOTDTPL! You never know! 😉