Tips to Recycle Old Clothes

I have a small problem in life. When I fall in love with a piece of clothing, it is difficult for me to forget about it and don’t buy it. Being a fan of the beautiful glamdresses, I often get carried away by my urges and I buy without even knowing if I will have the opportunity to wear my new acquisition.

After the holiday season, several people with the same problem. What to do with her dress (or pants!) glitter? It’s tanning to look over-dressed in school or in the office. What is even more bothersome, is to let sleep chic clothes at the bottom of the drawer for a year. Even if I shop a lot, my golden rule, it is to carry everything up. So, for me, no way to put on my holiday only holiday PRN!
The magic of the sweater
Looks like everything is so much easier when I wear a floral print dress from the web. I am warm, I’m comfortable and I can convert any too festive dress in a dress more casual. Regardless of the cut, color, and size.

The magic of accessories
Your dress is awesome and you don’t want to hide it? No problem. Playing with accessories, it is possible to completely change the look of the dress, not hide it. Instead of gold or silver necklaces, I prefer scarves. My high-heeled shoes fall into oblivion and I put on some little boots.

If you dare, you can wear sports shoes. In addition to really look like a fashion blogger, your feet will thank you. Colored tights can also do the trick. Anyway, the essential is to let go of its imagination and to be completely opposite of your kit of the holiday season.

To assume
I admit, sometimes I dress too chic to go to school. But it makes me so happy! The feeling of feeling flawless looking at me in the mirror is well worth a few glances of judgment that I could receive. I love my dress and I want to wear such, then I will! What is the fun with fashion is that everything becomes OK when we assume it. And me, when I wander in the corridors of the College with this beautiful dress R & W Co., I swear to you that I’m totally taking charge.