Tolky Monkys and Its Peculiar T-Shirts

At this point we already know all that in a matter of tastes each one is of his father and his mother. And that have had to think the creators of Tolky Monkys.

Web page dedicated to the sale of t-shirts very original, although probably not for all tastes. With a style of drawing that me reminds me to Samurai Jack, Tolky Monkys creates a collection of very particular characters.

Not in vain his slogan is “ characters for characters & #8221;.

In general we are to minimalist designs, with few colors although very well distributed. Casius, Roger, Eggeater, are some of the names of these characters. In case outside little, mark organized a Flash fiction contest to give life.

In fact, each character has its own history, a curious universe within the brand, creating a own imagination quite rich, everything to be said.

Already jobs, have not only t-shirts but also Poles, sweatshirts and, attention, bus bonus pillowcases or the metro. And posters. With the same designs. Here, one that is waiting to take bags or backpacks.

Each shirt comes out about twenty euros, something veneers in my opinion though, that Yes, the originality is ensured.