Top 10 Models More Size To Follow

They are part of the new influenceuses of fashion. They? These are the models more size. For several seasons, they are changing the trend by showing their pretty curves. Brands love them and fashionistas love it.
Mannequins with generous curves carton in the fashion world. In a few seasons, they have become girls to follow and brands snapped.

If the fashion sphere has often highlighted models twigs, the models more size landed and everybody puts rounds in the spotlight. And so much the better!

Models more size: who are?

Ashley, Candice, Robin, Desiree… These names perhaps don’t tell you much, and yet you had to already see their beautiful faces.

They are the covers of magazines, parade to major ready-to-wear brands and appear even in clips of the song stars: Ashley Graham is sensational in the clip Toothbursh of Joe Jonas.

Meanwhile, Tara Lynn appears in ultra sexy MOM in the last clip of Fergie.

These models are real beauty bombs: sublime grace to their face and their generous curves, they are sexy without being vulgar.

Ultra-connected, we follow them on their account Snapchat or Instagram to draw inspiration from their completely uninhibited style. They embody a badass woman picture we love.

Models more size: why we love them


Because they convey a strong and powerful message for our time: assume your body as it is! Beauty is everywhere, as much to value.

Thanks to their curves, models more size help women of the world to claim their pretty forms and be proud.

They are synonymous with great news: fashion is changing and seems to finally accept the voluptuous forms. A new feature that allows brands to take into account all the bodies, all forms.

At the time of the fight against the body-shaming, luscious models claim to ‘normal size ‘. And they are right!

So that all women are represented in the fashion world and that each can identify with a mannequin in an advertising campaign, sizes 36 and 46 sizes must power coexist.

We have selected for you the models more size the more bankable of the moment!