TopShop Adidas Originals

With spring just around the corner, the common feeling female can not help but hope for a (albeit partial ) change of season that is in tune with new environmental influences. Of all the seasonal changes, the spring is probably the one that can be felt more in the wardrobe and women’s wardrobes. That’s why, precisely to meet this need, and the blossoming of spring, you will notice how colors, flowers and floral themes readily invade the shelves of all stores of your city. This is clothing with average plots read, but already colored, that awaken the skin to the touch after the long winter hibernation: a basic that can not miss in the pre-summer dressing a woman, and that often – even the accomplice found pleasure of being outdoors – also attracts the desire of a good pair of sneakers.

Adidas Originals Sneakers

Even the great designers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior offer their version of the sneakers luxury.

In this sense, this year the collaboration not to be missed is definitely the one between Adidas and TopShop, the chain stores low cost English, who have come together to give life to a capsule collection  spring halfway between the identity sportswear and the  feminine mood.

The creative director of TopShop Kate Phelan and his team of designers have decided to revisit 20 of mythical animals under the ‘Line Adidas Originals as well as some of the most popular sneakers  of the German company. The result of this operation, according to a preview in circulation, looks very promising. Beautiful floral prints are grafted on the classic Clover brand appearing in even the iconic stripes of the logo, with the effect of giving all of the products a fresh spring feel. The collection will be available in store TopShop and shops Adidas, as well as on their respective platforms online as of March 20. The prices of all products in the range will be between 40 and 130 pounds, ie 30 and 130 euro.

If you are looking for a summer waiting intermediate outfits that mix vintage flavor and sporting facilities, one between Adidas and TopShop it is in our opinion the reference line for the new season.