Total White Look Summer

Nowadays the total white style is no longer the exclusive of physicians, and believe me this year is not only the year of flashy colors and prints, it is also a year of totally white or white-out. What such a good news for those who like basic and discreet looks. The white or white-out style promises come with everything and is increasingly gaining more fans! On the catwalks and in the everyday life of the famous people, the look is gaining prominence, and it is also been seen in formal occasions. So, do you want to know how to rock with the style? Well, the guys who know it’s very democratic, can be dressed without fear for women of all races, ages, in daytime and nighttime events.

Total white look

White is a great option in the hottest days of summer. In addition to the tan, typical of that era, is elegant and very feminine.

For those who want to use this trend during the day or in a more stripped down, there’s not many secrets.

For a casual event, it is ideal to use the look with accessories in other colors, or with sandals and accessories of rustic or flashy materials.

Animal print shoes are also released and are quite chic!

Going for a more formal event? It’s great to use the total white with striking and chic pieces which has more sophisticated cuts.

Evangelical: fashion outfits for parties and special occasions
The jackets of good tailoring and dressed in modern cut look great with this style.
For a sophisticated look, try to combine the look with shoes like colored models which has details or classic jewelry.
Always keep in mind that a shoe can direct completely the look. So if you want a more heavy for the vision, just invest in shoes with metallic, animal or geometric print.

Bet on printed legging pants

For a more subtle result, opt for models with light colors such as nude.

Evangelical fashion- spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The cool of the total white look goes well with everything, and the trick is to draw attention by colorful accessories.

However, it is very quiet at this time to make its ally white fashion. It is necessary to take some care, especially in the conservation of the material, since the yellow may ruin your look completely.

The tailoring gives elegance to the vision.
The accessories are essential to complement the production. The actresses Roselyn Souto, Giovanna Ewbank and Christiane Torloni have made an example for you!

Female boots unique to the stations

If you are a little overweight, unfortunately, this trend is not ideal for you unless you don’t mind look even bigger because white increases the volume.

And another tip is to try to mix different textures such as denim, satin, lace, among others so that the look is not too boring.

Are you ready to join?!

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