Tregging Fashion Femme

A subject to high risk: the tregging. Everyone talking about it, it’s the play of the season, and that you adhere or not, you have already seen around you.

For neophytes who don’t come out ever from home, let me explain: the tregging is a rock and glamorous version legging, leggings, but leather.

And if even the word legging don’t mean nothing, (but in this case I can not much you for fashion, it’s still a classic!), a tregging is finally a pair of leather shorts.

The problem with the tregging is whether or not we will dare.Nothing that by having a glimpse of the thing in windows, you immediately feel the danger: the thing is very very brilliant, and above all very skin-tight. To say, imagine it on my legs of normal girl, and therefore not necessarily those of Kate Moss, just to my appetite.

But since mode forces, most of us, after taunted and criticized the thing for a month, will eventually give way and go for at American Apparel acquire, for the modest sum of 42 euros, the tregging in question. The urgency is to help you not make a fault which could be fatal.

The danger is that between the sexy sylphide and the sausage on legs, the border is very thin. Fortunately that starlets are there to play the guinea pigs and test without getting cold in the eyes the last fashion Follies. There are then in magazines a comprehensive overview of the rendering of the thing, ranging from the highest (obvious on twigs like miss Moss cited) success to disaster (Lindsay Lohan for example for does not mention). But without sounding bad language, when we got a little strong thighs, it’s obvious that wearing skin-tight leather pants, a high court and ballerinas won’t fix things!

Finally, if you want my opinion on the thing, I advise small sizes to launch without hesitation. The tregging is not helping but thin legs can get away with anything! However, for girls a little more in the flesh (and no I don’t think we’re big with a size 38 but the tregging is so thankless, every millimeter of fat is!), I recommend it with high heels, and a high long enough for a rock and chic look just in the trend.

Then the tregging, manageable or not? As the latest fashion coming out each season and absolutely need, these almost unwearable pieces and that him more often do us not value, are consuming… but in moderation.

More info on the Blog a Fashionista who did push you the tregging test.