Trend Clothing Fashion Which is Popular

Many women like to be fashionable and include in their productions pieces that won space in the closets of celebrities and fashionistas. You do not need a closet full of the same clothes to that super actress dressed or that it girl who is always with an amazing look to keep up with fashion, because what is good for one person may not be good in another. You can opt for some trendy clothes and wearing them with pieces you already own, respecting your style. Meet fashion clothes that are up and be inspired.

Fashion Clothes

Draw inspiration from famous and fashionistas can help you create compositions that are fashionable, always knowing what’s up, but of no use to copy the complete look of a celebrity without adapting it to your style. So, find out the trendy clothes and invest in certain parts according to your style.

The flare pants are pants that have a more just modeling to the knee, which begins to open slightly, ending in a wider mouth. Because of the straight cut of the hips, this type of pants is ideal for balancing proportions effortlessly.

It is made ​​of denim, leather or linen, for example, flare pants in their different colors and options is the ideal option to create a look stripped and sophisticated at the same time.


The body is a piece more fitting clothing to the body and that although it was used as the bottom in many productions, was currently elevation as one of fashion clothing, printing femininity and sensuality to the look.

In versions with and without handles, with or without sleeves and with or without prints, it is a piece nothing basic to give up the look by adding sensuality right touch.


The kimono, in turn, is a piece that recalls the kimonos worn by Japanese geishas , but now in a revamped version. Usually printed and always light fabrics, the kimono works as the third ideal piece, completing the look.

It can be used, for example, with a body smooth color, contrasting with the lower part of sensuality.


The flowery prints are a classic and still ranks in fashionable clothes, whether in the form of blouses, cropped tops, skirts, shorts, dresses or pants. In different sizes and colors, flowery prints can be more romantic or more tropical, and extremely versatile.

Fashion also suggests the combination of prints and flowery prints are great to be combined, for example, with stripes or polka dot prints.


The midi length is fashionable, especially with the full skirt, as well the length is less sober and more feminine, serving for various occasions. The skirt in midi length is one of the most fashionable clothes that recall the style ladylike and has everything to be the bet of the nearby stations.


The is a cropped blouse style in which part of the stomach is on display, a fun and gentle way. Currently what is high are the long sleeve cropped, making a game of hide-and-show, balancing the visual.


The knitting is now no longer dull and can be found in printed versions, with variations from the most delicate to the most fun. So do not be surprised if you find a knitting pattern pizza, as the pop culture is invading fashion with everything.

Versions with stripes and floral prints are also not rare and serve to enhance a visual warm and comfortable.


As for the hot pants are shorts, jeans usually, higher waist and they bring a lot of sensuality and freshness to look. You must, however, be careful with the length so that its use is comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Use hot pants with a knitting pattern or with a kimono, for example, it is a guarantee of success to create a contrasting and bold look.


The high waist is stronger than ever and still present in shorts, skirts and trousers, helping to balance proportions and elongating the silhouette. To take advantage of the trend just choose the piece that has more to do with your style and make an incredible combination.

Thus, to bet on certain parts you will have fashionable clothes for all seasons can create amazing productions without losing its style.