Types of Chess: The Argyle

The plaid argyle is more commonly found in jackets, sweaters (as in the photo above) and socks, but there is no rule that prevents you from appearing in scarves, sweatshirts, ties, caps and even tennis. The best way to describe it would be saying that it consists of blocks in the shape of a diamond (or diamonds) on a colored background, crossed by thin stripes of contrasting color.

Types of Chess The Argyle

Its origin, as well as the tartan plaid, the Scotland, since its pattern was inspired by the tartans of the Clan Campbell, a native of the County of Argyll. The name of the town was being modified with 0 over time to be called argyle, but there are still those who use the spelling archaic. At the time of its creation (around 1,500) was green and white, and when she came to England, in 1700, his tones had already been modified.

Typically the argyle is knitted into garments by using a technique called“intársia”, known for its difficulty in being carried out, but with the freedoms and technologies that have emerged with the time, the argyle began to appear up how to print in silk screen.

The argyle began to gain prominence in the male fashion in the decade of 20, socks; in the 30’s, has migrated to the sweaters, lost breath in the 40-year-old and was rescued in the 80s, making success even with women. In the last decade, with the return of the style preppy, this type of chess won the young lovers through the retro look.

Note: some do not consider the argyle as a kind of chess, but have not found a setting that is most appropriate for this standard, and dozens of fashion professionals put it, yes, in the list of the types of chess.