Types of Summer Dresses

The Little Dress Black / / for which cuts opt?

Ancewiththis (non) color, virtually all cuts are available, you can choose according to your morpho and tastes, the trend that fits you like a glove!

Bustier Dress

A classic, so hot and inescapable, a comet at Missguided:

Skater Dress

Ideal for girls in X, I and because it highlights the size, the skater dress is a very strong trend in 2016!

Dress Lunch / Con

For girls in X or 8, this dress has a sexy high power. Attention however, this model emphasizes small bulges, so plan a workout before you put it on.

Midi Dress

A big essential, canon for not exposing the legs while remaining very, but really very elegant:

The Little Dress Black / / my good plan

You came at the end of the post, I’ll talk about my good plan where to find lots of summer dresses (and it is indeed I found the one I’m wearing in this article). It comes to the shop ELLA DELOR – 94 Street Longchamps in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.
I don’t walk never get through there and about 2 weeks ago I was hanging out in the neighborhood after an interview for the blog (I’ll talk to you soon, I’m going to try the semi-permanent pigmentation of the eyebrows, but that’s another story…:-P).

So I fell nose to nose with the window of this little shop with prices unbeatable: 10, 20, 30… But what got me attracted above all, it was the models in the display: like the clothes seen on Instagram (ok, ok, I’ll make you a hall or something in the genre so interested in it because you know, I bought a few pieces…)

But the thing that I liked above all, is the amazing trio I met: a grandmother welcoming at the forefront of fashion (Estelle, known as Stella), a MOM stylist with a fashion culture to rival the top of his class from Esmod (the lovely Sabrina) and a young instagrameuse the plastic to dream to the first name of fairy (Danae).

Frankly, we chatted for an hour like old girlfriends: I’ve never met people so passionate about their work!
Well, this is not a sponsored post, I sincerely loved meet them and I hope to see them soon!

In any case, if you live in the area and you like Australian ‘YouTuber’ fashion (stretch material, bodies with laces, knit with finishing ‘dog collar’ sexy dress, cropped top in guipure…), go there!
Girls, I hope that this post will be useful!

Leave me a comment if you want I detail you my findings from ELLA DELOR.
That beauty be with you (little black dress)!