United Colors of Benetton Christmas

Looking for the coordinated Christmas 2011 ? Here the ideas of United Colors of Benetton has chosen the occasion of the festive season to propose a capsule collection of clothing and accessories all inspired by the’60s, a line that chooses as a return to a retro feel strong point that between the other was one of the must-haves of the latest collections of clothing brought to the catwalk by big names, and then promptly even imitated by the most within our reach brands. This is how even Benetton is inspired by this retro mood and romantic, the result is really interesting!

In recent days there has been much talk of Benetton for his last, bold Unhate advertising campaign that was even censured, but controversy aside, Benetton has always many interesting ideas in the clothing field, as we have seen recently with the dedicated line the beautiful curvy women , not to mention dell’originalissima collection of underwear and pajamas that are flying off the shelves! for Christmas 2011, United Colors of Benetton has thought a capsule collection that aims to recreate in their own way the style of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, for which the highlight is the sheath dress black proposed in different fabrics, from lace overlaid on silk lurex, but there minidress rich sequins and ruffles, paired with sweaters of agora in different colors. you will find in the images look even more casual involving jeans and sweaters, but always embellished with special inserts of exercise clothing from Businessjust.