Vittoria Puccini Red Carpet

Graceful and aristocratic, the charming godmother of the Venice Film Festival 2011, Vittoria Puccini, enchanted onlookers and photographers who were able to admire and capture its red carpet on opening day of the festival. L ‘evening gown worn by actress Florentine was part of the autumn winter 2011 2012 of Versace, among the most popular brands by international celebrities, and perfectly suited to the image of the actress ethereal and other times, maybe not Random, owes its fame to a drama set in 800. So graceful to look like a swan. Do not believe us? Check out the photos in the gallery and you will give us reason …

If Asia Argento showed a more transgressive elegance with a sensual dress Alberto Ferretti, Vittoria Puccini has embodied a sensuality much more candid, about this very white and shiny clothes. The actress, who has been hit in recent days by the loss of her mother, it was really beautiful with the dress embroidered with Swarovski and a tail feather. ” To live this experience is thrilling, to be the hostess at the oldest festival of the world is really an honor , “these are the dell’emozionatissima Vittoria Puccini statements at the opening of the event which sees the lady of the house, as well as among women with the best look seen so far. Because you know, a suit can be beautiful but if you do not know value loses all its charm.

This is obviously not the case of Victory beautiful that really knows how to wear a dress. The beautiful as the fashion brand Shoppingpicks maxi evening dress was matched to a pair of shoes of the same label : a style chic and retro divine! Beautiful! And what do you think of Vittoria Puccini looks?