Wearing a Short Dress

Adele: Hello William. This is my little problem: I’m minus, 1 m 55 to 42 kg. Inevitably, I look like a kid, and yet I’m 28! I’m so at an age where I feel the outfits for teens, it’s over, I want to have the air of a woman – especially since I’m married! – but I don’t know how to do. I’m rather shy and very sure of myself. I assume not too Slinky outfits, heels (but I wear jeans skin).However, I gladly put flashy colors or very original parts insofar as I am in and I wear as well as dresses and skirts pants. I’m a redhead with green eyes, pale skin. So how to have an adult hosting, chic and trend, without seeming to and with a body of 12-year-old? I’ll let the challenge…!

Adele, first thing, if you want to look like a woman, you have to put in the head that dressed ‘comfort’ isn’t necessarily the best solution.Being a woman requires effort, especially wearing high heels, make-up, pay attention to her hair and all those short dresses listed on ethnicityology that require a bit of time and sacrifice but make the difference between a teenager and a woman. That said, all these things that can seem overwhelming and painful at the beginning, quickly become a habit, or even a pleasure when we see the result.

Now you know that I will not miss you on the heels! Skinny jeans is jeans, either on a teenager, a woman and even a guy! This is the person who wears it that will make the difference, helped by the right accessories.

Jean slim + shoes = ado

Jean slim + stylettos = woman!

Small precision, 3/4 top models have very small breasts, or even not at all, which does not prevent them from being very glam and women on the covers of magazines. The most important is to feel woman above all, these aren’t the padding that will bring you the magic solution. So to be wife Adele, feel woman, the rest will follow!