What Accessories to Wear with a Blue Dress

It is sometimes not so easy to know what accessories to wear with a completely solid dress a beautiful blue dress, whether it is electric, royal blue, Navy, etc… can dare us problem if you don’t know what supplements are those that go better with. But as this is not a problem for you, on our blog, we explain what accessories to use with a blue dress.


Shoes are one of the first supplements that we choose to go with our blue dress. May according to the tone of blue (electric, marine, royal, etc.), a color of shoe or another better, but basically you can wear with a blue dress shoes of nude skin, Black, Gold or silvercolor. In the latter cases, they must not too be too shiny and showy. You can see here more details what shoes put in a blue dress.


Once the shoes have been chosen, it should get a bag that is also matching. We have to choose it also depending on the opportunity, that is, if it is a ceremony or reception, it will opt for small handbags, so if it’s something more informal, can you consider larger bags and more fancy.


By choosing your jewelry, you should know that with a blue dress you can also wear the color:

  • walleye
  • Money
  • Colors vivid and complementary (fuchsia, red, green, color fluorescent…)

The silver and gold and jewelry derived from these colors, you will need to take into account your skin complexion for dull skin go better with the golden color while silver colors go well on the skins of cold tones. And with the bag, you also marry jewelry with shoes to avoid mixing the colors gold and silver.

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