What Color Of Swimwear For My Skin Tone?

The choice of the swimsuit, it is an art. Because we need to find the right cut, the printed and color that are suitable to our silhouette, but also to our skin tone. So, what tone choose to enhance your complexion? We help you in this difficult task.

Light skin, or dark: each carnation is more or less developed by certain colors or printed. And this is especially true for the swimsuits that “find” our body. Then, so that “the test” of the swimsuit becomes a pleasure, bet on the right colors!

You have clear skin

If you have light skin who don’t Tan easily, bet on contrasts and choose dark colors that will highlight your porcelain skin. Black, Brown, blue or dark purple will suit you perfectly. Avoid white, beige and all the nude tones, which would only accentuate your pallor. We also recommend bright colors or flashy, which give a very white skin color as ‘red’ and not very glamorous.

But if you love the colors, use the keys: a node by, a print by here and the more classic black bikini has nothing to envy to the models most peppy. Not to mention the fact that, as and when your skin is Tan, you can choose more colorful templates.

You matte skin

If you have the skin check, a wide choice of colours opens up to you, because you can afford everything or almost. Of course some colors will help you more than any other to highlight your skin tone playing, once more, on the contrasts. Warm, bright, flashy colors, printed: you’re spoilt for choice. Not to mention the clear colours and white which will highlight your Tan. As for the colours dark: they are not the best allied to highlight your beautiful golden skin, but if you like them, why give it up?

You have dark skin

As the skin dull, if you have dark skin play the color card! They will be bright and flashy more they sublimate your skin tone: do not deprive yourself, as in recent seasons the fluo colours are back on the front of the stage.
Your favorite color: white, which will bring out your skin while bringing a touch of elegance.

Thanks to my bikini I spend a hot summer!