What Does a Celebrity When Does Not Intend to Take The Fashion Blogs

This new world, that great nor George Orwel imagination, that while your 10-month-old baby is giving the tablet with a skill of geniuses, you you you send immediately a picture of her prowess to your cousin who lives in Cuenca. The wonderful technology has ceased to be so wonderful for the celebrities, which can not or trap a fly without which the ready on duty makes them a photo and you appear on the blog so that has become famous from his home, without lifting a finger. Some stars seem to give them equal, at least a few days in which their outfits are very ‘human’.

Mila Kunis I was yesterday in the preamble the party of the NFL with his Ashton and looks therefore like you and me in such requirement. You have gone to a parade so that you do not move the hair, you look 15 cm heels and mini 3? Noooo. Well for you, very typical and natural.

I would say by your makeup this day recently in New York Nicky Hilton not intended to be any photographer pesao or lover of fashion blogs that capture your ideal styling that has taken him 3 hours thinking and put. But he found him.

It Jessica Alba It’s a today but am not. You may want to be the most fashionable, and you Perez Hilton despelleje because a clone instead of an original lights. But when you have kids, Earth is the ground when stepped on and is inevitable fashion getting caught with the style changed, natural and without pretenscion, any day.

We all have days, many, that not we are concerned about our make-up, or our hairstyle, wear high heels or bag mega chachi that cost you arm your daughter. As the celebrities, such as Helena Christensen.