What Is the Coat Hanger Is Ideal for Your Suit

We have already talked about here on the Channel Male about what are the parts that you need to have in your wardrobe, as descongestioná it and even how to better take advantage of the items that you already have, but we never talk about how to accommodate their clothes in the proper manner, avoiding deformations and creases.

What Is the Coat Hanger Is Ideal for Your Suit

Probably the item of the wardrobe that most worries the men when the subject is “storage” is the suit, so let’s start it.

The costume is expensive, up to a certain point is delicate, and calls for a flawless presentation, far beyond that which is required of any other piece, and, for both, it is necessary to save it in the proper manner, being that, in this case, a good coat hanger becomes fundamental.

Forget that wire hanger that comes from the store when you purchase a custom, it does not have the structure to maintain the shape of your suit. The hanger is ideal it is full-bodied, curved, respecting the anatomy of the back, in addition, the ends are more bulky to maintain the shape of the shoulder pads of the suit coat or blazer. There are models of this hanger (known as anatomical) in wood and plastic, the first is more resistant, with a look that suggests quality, while the second seems to slightly weak and will look more poor, however they both tend to comply with their duties.

The pants of the suit can be stored in the hanger of the own wardrobe intended for this kind of piece, but some models of coat-hanger anatomical has a rod on the bottom to accommodate the pair of pants that is part of the costume, the more expensive versions have up to the non-slip surface that prevents the pants from slipping and falling, yet others are equipped with belt loops to this same end.

Use the hanger appropriate will ensure the trim of your custom, you will prevent the shoulder pads if achatem and will prevent creases unnecessary in your clothes and even if you think this product is expensive in comparison to the hangers more simple, in the end, the investment will be worth it.