What Is The Small Loop In The Back Of Your Shirt?

You have maybe noticed her in the back of some of your shirts. What then? But if this little loop. You always wonder what it was? Well, now we have the answer…

Clothes that are part of our daily lives continue to surprise us. Recently, after years to wonder, we discovered finally what were the two small holes at the bottom of Converse.
But today is another element in our dressing room that attracts our attention. Watch your shirts, and those of your man. In the back, we sometimes find a small loop. A trend item? Far from.

The shirts loop, convenient to hang!

Our colleagues from the US site Ayoye.com also asked themselves the question. They therefore questioned the spokesman for an American brand of shirts, Lands’end. And the response of this last is you can simple. This loop is called a drawstring, and its usefulness is the following:

These shirts DrawString were used also and especially athletes who hung them at the expense of their dressing rooms during their workouts.
So that’s the explanation!
Buckle shirts, a support, but not only!

This cording is so handy for hanging a shirt when there is no bar on hand. Avoids her crease, since iron a shirt, it’s difficult. But there is also another use.
In the United States, students from the universities had started a trend: they were tearing the loop of their shirt when they were a couple, to show their status. Original: imagine having to ask a man to look before you know if you hit on him!
Today, these cords are there by tradition than anything else. , But at least now, we know the bottom of the.