What is Vintage Fashion?

Let’s vintage is fashionable, whether it comes to styling your-retro hairstyle, scarlet lipstick and eyeliner; clothes secret warehouse mom or music listen; parties, where you walk or small sweet thingy points, stripes and flowers, they beckon from the windows of the interior shops.

Only you ever thought about the relationship between boom artists like Sentimental Swingers, Smugglers Collective, Brazobrazie, Milica Gladnishka, Misho Yosifov Sextet, clubs swing dancing , the success of boutique second-hendove as “Cognac and cinnamon”, “Ecru”, “Made in Home flea market”,”Frieda and Diego Rivera”,”Ultra”,”Placebo” and the influx of restaurants with retro interior design, let’s not begin to list them. All these things have a common root, and it is His Majesty vintage!

What is Vintage Fashion

I’m sure each Edna you curious to know where before this fashion, why 30 is so relevant today, if imitation is only in the package or what provoked any more serious trends, so read on! “Great Depression”-so called years after the stock market crash in 1929. which causes severe blow to all sectors of the economy, not bypassed and entertainment industry.

Most serious in the United States, Europe and the British Empire, leading to numerous bankruptcies of banks and companies, high unemployment and a sharp decline in gross domestic product, industrial production, the prices of stock exchanges and practically all indicators of economic growth.

The consequences of the crisis are most severe in highly industrialized urban centers. The parallels with the global economic crisis, established several years ago permanently in the US and Europe are obvious.

The consequences, however hopefully not as extreme and prolonged. The art, fashion and entertainment industries naturally respond to this crisis. Today they literally copy the styles and trends of the years of the Great Depression, mixing freely with them today habits and habits of the urban man.

The positive and serene tone, fastest and vital rhythm, bright color tones raise the spirit of disillusioned middle-class, most zaseganti of recession. Vintage gradually turned into prestige and style that brings people and motivate them to look more serene life. The most visible Vintage is reflected in the music and dance, fashion and makeup in the interior. “Swing”-literally translated, means undulate. This is a feeling that evokes human Lightest rhythm softened and jazz dance that shifts the music of the big bands.

Frivolous living, rocking in the swing movements and steps and unfailing smile positive man shifted quickly murmur weary and unhappy unemployed.

Little by little swing transforms serious jazz and swing dancing seized increasingly larger salons. After intrusive style of salsa and tango, today’s successful 30-40 year old women turn to swing dance. In Sofia and the rest of the country already has organzirani not only parties with DJs mixing iconic pieces from the 30s and 40s, but dance clubs.

There you have learn not only different styles as Lindy Hop, Jive, aerilas / aerilas / Balboa, Boogie-Woogie, Shag, shim-sham, but also to meet friends.

The beauty of this dance is that it is not necessary to look for a partner in advance. They are great for your good mood and allow you to develop your sense of rhythm charge you with optimism and maintain your figure beautiful and feminine.

If you’re curious, you can find more INFORMATION here .

I’m sure each Edna you have in your wardrobe at least one polka-dot dress or at least blouse or tiara, at least a checked shirt and artificial flowers for hair .

A T-shirt with sailor motifs? Behold, I knew it! You’re vintage!

The motives and character of this fashion so have entered the industry that already perceive them as something fancy and modern now.

Surely you’ve noticed and ultra current sunglasses with white frames, straw hats, dresses of flowers, lace blouses in pastel tones summer collections of popular brands of vintage women’s clothing.

All this was inspired by years of swing, carefree and cheerful existence and the cult of femininity and clear male-female relationships. If you have not acquired anything retro, which have super chic, come here and get inspired.

Also in 30, to whom we owe swing and dancing and loads of movies and stars are displayed fashion so-called “pin up” girls.

Printing their calendars, postcards and all sorts of media that can be hung and monitored marks a real frenzy.

Here, we in Bulgaria to have its first pin up calendar. Visa thank stylist Ilka Peicheva and the wonderful photographs of Dimitar Dragnev of Smugglers Collective. You can review and order here.

And why not make your own photo shoot in pin up style?!  It’s fun! Moreover, it is a spectacular gift for your favorite or potential one.

Yet the center of everything that happens around this fashion element is the music .Lightweight, sentimental, playful, inspiring and upbeat, made the blood boil and ideal for some first steps toward rapprochement with the selected object.

Over the past few years in Europe appeared new bands that mimic the amazing style of the pioneers of the genre. Let us again mention what are the names that must look for another predizvikatelstvo: Smugglers new Collective, Angel Zaberski and Big Band Brazz Association, Sentimental Swingers, Militsa Gladnishka and Call of the Wild, vinyl von Bismarck, Imelda May,The Puppini the Sisters , and do not forget the classics of the Beach Boys, Fletcher Henderson, Keb Kelouey, Benny Goodman orchestra of Duke Ellington, Million Dollar Quartet. and remember the words of the great Duke: “If there is no swing, no sense” (“the Do It not the Mean a The Thing, If & quot It Is not Got That the swing”). If you are already lit a swing fashion, here are some hot events: • 26.07 .2012g., 21:00 Sofia club “work” Studentski Grad The Smugglers Collective are back under construction after a prolonged absence for another dose of swing, rock’n’roll, dance, Playing, beers, Miri and vintage emotions!