What to Wear with Culottes

For me as a fashion expert, the culotte is a big issue since last year. But only in this spring 2016 she is so present in all the collections that more and more customers come to me with questions: “What is the culotte? How to wear it?Power they legs not shorter? “Therefore, I have interesting information in this blog post and asked the 4 main styling tips for you together.

What is currently referred to as fashion Culotte, is quite simply expressed a divided skirt. YES-a divided skirt. Sounds only once not so sexy. The culottes appeared in 1900 as a divided skirt or French. Jupe-culotte. He was worn by women for horse riding, cycling and walking and was the practical compromise between the rock as usual clothing of women and a pair of trousers, which was until 1917 actually reserved only to men.

But “culotte” sounds natural modern / fresh / hipper. The fashion industry can therefore always come up with something to make us “old” new trends tasty.With an affinity for fashion and costume history I have so many times when we smile the Designer past trends in new “word-robe” sell. Because 3/4 flares to “Cropped Flares” and strappy heels to “bondage heels”. Most importantly, is permitted that pleases. Fashion should be fun and trends may be gone through.but you may be left are also left if they do not like us, do not match our proportions or our personal look.

Just the culotte carries through the wide leg shape and latest Midi and calf length some pitfalls. Should to remain figuratively in balance one thus “4 key styling rules” note:

  1. VOLUME it is more voluminous and continue the culotte is cut, the more important to dress the upper body in narrow or even very waisted tops.This is especially important for small women. You should choose short tailored jackets and put the tops in the waistband. The stretched optically. Large and very slim women can also combine wide tops and long jackets to.
  2. MATERIAL: flatter soft flowing fabrics, making them ideal for very wide cut Culottes (egCulotte of Super Trash). Rigid, solid materials such as denim act however rather boxy and broaden optically. All the more important it is then to provide with high heel shoes and figure-hugging tops compensation.
  3. LENGTH: The optimum length has a culotte if it draws attention to a narrow region of the legs at the hem.For example, below the knee, below the calf or the shackles. The hem Ends exactly calf height act flat shoes to usually quite plump.Attention therefore especially with large calves. If in doubt, also a Heeled Shoe select your legs to stretch optically.
  4. COLOR: Depending on the character type, you should select the brightness of the culotte aware.As a woman with A-figure (curvy hips and narrow waist), you should select cocktail dresses in more dark and muted colors and accent colors in the upper part. As a woman with V-figure (wide shoulders and extra narrow pelvis), it may also have a culotte with patterns or in bright and bold colors (eg Culotte v. Guido Maria Kretschmer). Small women lying dead right with tone-on-tone combinations!

Extra tip // FOOTWEAR:  With pointed heels legs look longer, as in pumps with round shape. In flat shoes large Fußdekolleté extended legs look more than a high-necked shoe covers the instep. Caution also at ankle. They act shortening in combination with the current midi and calf length.

I once ausgekramt my Copic markers and 2 outfits outlines-casual and chic. The culotte is particularly beautiful when working with stylistic inconsistencies.Female, but always casual. Time elegantly combined with a blazer, or casual with a biker jacket waisted. Clear and noble is it with a classic white shirt and casual with a simple T-shirt…

Have fun with trying out and combining!

And as always… custom tailored to your proportions advice I’ll tell you like in astyle consultation or at a shopping assistance . I look forward to your message