WhATEveR Denim Jacket

Canvas blue raincoat for us to avoid getting wet from head to feet? We do not dream… Kaporal invented it, and served in the manufacture of the pieces of WhATEveR Jeans line.

After the buzz with his jeans connecting x Buzzcard, the Marseilles company thought to all those who had tired of get wet current or #mercilapluie work. And to those who don’t eat properly. With our wind, must have in the fall, is adopted illico clothes denim of this new collection, weather and stain.

With this innovation, the claw proves she is one of the brands that are technically evolve denim. Always in an urban style, original and in tune with the times: The DNA of Kaporal.

Consisting of jackets and pants in denim (four parts man) and two-piece woman, this fully waterproofed canvas line puts us out of the rain. How? Thanks to a waterproof treatment which does not allow water to penetrate into the fibers. Basically, there are a new type of coated jeans where water streams on the Web.

A line designed for even more freedom

However, WhATEveR Jeans parts don’t lack of flexibility and comfort, thanks to the cotton (standard OEKO – TEX®) used for their manufacture. What remain free to our movements.

Kaporal thinks of everything, especially when it comes to put us at ease.
Proof of this is, the company launched in January 2016, the Extend denim range. Either coins denim at the top of the hype, which have the look of authentic blue jeans with the comfort of a jog. What could be better?

If we want shopper one of WhATEveR denim jackets, an appointment from fall sportswear. For the release of the collection, Kaporal creates the event in all of its points of sale and on its e-shop. And because he is not stop in so good way, claw asked the team of NRJ, getting wet all week of November 7 in the show that Cauet, from 19: 00 to 22: 00.

Now that we know that waterproof denim exists, and that it is ultra-hip, we say goodbye to our old waxes! It was time…