Where to Buy Jeggings Online

Because it is fine to talk and talk again, this “weet look jegging”. But in practice? Aside from that he’s now sale at £ 21 in the way.

I did leave the stack of seam. Not that the hem is actually, no. He is a victim of the bad back reboulage not top. But let’s move on.

I just tried to look a little unusual for me, way sheep if you prefer, it’s nice on others to see what it can give on itself.So I borrowed the shirt to Punky and the tee to Betty (live t-shirts that hide too large buttocks without summer see, so I went on that here…). I on the other hand claim motherhood from the rest. A sheep, sheep and a half.

I must confess that I struggle to find the perfect shoes for the oiled thingy. Top? Inside the shoes? Any suggestions? Wonder if it wouldn’t be totally better with the jegging back in boots, suits me well, boots… (if. Nan but IF).

So, my bonds:
-shirt La Redoute, that I got with a gift and coupon code a trench “that for once it is not too big, not too ugly”.Besides they changed their sizes looks, I took the 36 thinking that as usual ‘ he was going to cut like a big 38 and NO. (and the good news is that it is on sale less than 16 euros…)

-Tee of Igor + André, available on Bordiers & Frontiers blog: love, I got a M, it’s a 38 I would say. (and below that are not but I’m not crazy, it’s cold: a long-sleeved heattech round neck).

-The jeans style jeggings: you know. The boots are from Salvador Sapena last winter, the necklace is actually a vintage belt (thank you ebay).

Watch scooter, Isabel Marant and Ela Stone bracelets.

Here I have a chni in the eye… Here also WHO can tell me what means “chni”? Oh no, shit contest it’s at 2: 00…

Goodie Bag: New Look made promos by presenting the invitation here below today and tomorrow in shop:

-30% throughout the store and 50% on items labeled ‘good deal’. Invitation to print
Enough to have her new year’s Eve outfit for less…

Goodie Bag 2: Monday’s sale press April, May:

Goodie Bag 3: the founder of the Maboiteadiners site (which is used to list its menus and decorating ideas if I understood) informs me of a contest to win a Chloe bag AND a bag Zadig and Voltaire, 2 lots for 2 girlfriends: