Where to Find Ball Gown Prom Dresses

Unless you live in Gossip Girl and called Blair Waldorf, it is rare that we have the opportunity to wear an evening dress, let us say. And because we’re in a dream, the prom is, for many of us, a golden opportunity to improvise (millions of dollars less) Duchess for a day.

BUT! To be part of royalty, must find THE dress that will give us like a lady. For those who don’t have a personal stylist some, the shopping experience can be long and arduous. You call for help?

TPL has heard you! Here is the constructmaterials guide to the cheap summer dresses for a (kind) shopping experience successful.

Anthropology is the place for all that is beautiful. I would like to share with you my favorite styles

BHLDN is a shop of the bride affiliated to anthropology and is also the eighth wonder of the world. I almost put ALL the photos of the site here, but since he had to make a choice… Here are my top 3:

BCBG has a large selection of Prom dresses that are classic and vaporous. Station to the sophisticated portfolios: the most original are detailed at rather high prices (like $700), but several beautiful models are displayed in the $300.

Love at first sight
The shop located in Longueuil is my favorite spot for Prom dresses. In high school, I had done is make my dress. For the same price that those found on St-Hubert Street, I had a made-to-measure, in style and the color I wanted. And the service is outstanding!

The Castle
The castle was re-gilded its image recently… and I love it! Proposed dresses are cute, affordable and trendy. What make us want to encourage a local business!

The small Montreal company well known for its affordable vintage style dresses in full swing in this period of the year. Before the popularity of the shop, the only advice I can give you, is to get there early or patience!

The Bay
The Bay has a special section allocated to the PROMS on its Internet site. The diversity of styles is interesting and the range of price too.

Club Monaco
The Club Monaco collections are a guarantee of quality for me: I always find beautiful classical pieces to the clean look .

Zara, why not? It’s an opportunity to buy the trop-belle-robe-que-je-ne-pouvais-pas-m’acheter-parce-que-je-n’avais-pas-d’occasion-pour-la-porter. HA!

ASOS offers many, many, MANY different styles – and they are all more beautiful than the other. In fact, decide what images choose made me want to buy a dress of Princess and crash a prom at random. Yolo.

Finally, regardless of the dress you choose, the important thing is to have some fun. Because it’s our night, and because we are all one a little Prom Queen * breaks his Crown and sends it to all the girls in the room *.