Which Parts They Desperately Need Now in the Autumn!

The search engine giant Google has analyzed billions of search queries and to determine what looks are currently high demand – and which is no longer at all. Whether you should wear your beloved bomber jacket, or rather einmotten, we here reveal.

What us designers to present fashion weeks, is trend – in theory at least. Which parts are then actually bought and worn, can be especially on the basis of the terms are derived, enter the users in search engines. On this basis, has Google last year for the first time a trend report created. Now the new fashion report for 2016, divided in perennial, seasonal and ephemeral trends.

With these looks you are the trend
Google has compared the frequency of searches for various fashion items. This came out, inter alia, motorcycle trousers over the past two years were consistently popular, as well as jeans with slits. Parts, in which we have – attached before a while back including bomber jackets (mega again since 2013 – in), kimono dresses, shirt dressesand Coatigans – the trend barometer climb according to Google this season again.

Absolute shooting stars are Carmen blouses, bodysuits, or the “Bralette” – so the lace decorated cross between bra and cropped top, he helped not least Kendall Jenner (20) at the Coachella Festival to a mega-hype. The search engine report categorizes these looks however as a short-lived trend, which is soon to vanish.

These trends are no longer needed
Evaluating Google according to the demand for corsets, asymmetrical skirts and those suede goes strongly back after these looks should reach its trend-peak. Be cleaned up in good conscience may in particular transparent looks, as well as Bleached Jeans, harem pants and babydoll dresses: have a continuous downward trend.