Who Stars in The March Cover of Interview Russia? Guess, Guess

Another game, of those in which I get silly and I don’t want to reveal you the solution to make you think a little bit. The protagonist is blonde, is a pibón and according to recent reviews that I have read, worst actress than meets the eye, making its 40 that same papers to its 20 (what craze with criticize …). Now look at the cover of Interview.

It is the March issue on its Russian edition and me aspen if I recognize its protagonist. Bella is raging. So I thought that it was Deborah Harry in his younger days, those who a diva of weapons was to take and much khol eye and dissolute life. Hence the nude, hence the corset, hair & #8230;

But noooo, she is Cameron Diaz. That me Zurza, me paper and give them to me with cheese.